The Smith‑Free Group

Founded in 1995, The Smith-Free Group’s roots go back over forty years. The founders, James E. Smith and James C. Free, two Washington veterans with their respective ties to the Republican and Democratic parties, have been business partners since 1981, when they served as senior partners of Charls E. Walker Associates, one of Washington’s first government affairs firms.

Over the last twenty-plus years, we have built a vibrant practice and staffed the firm with seasoned professionals from across the political spectrum. In the transient world of Washington, D.C., firms come and go; Smith-Free has stayed because of the quality of our work and our commitment to clients. During that time, our firm has played a significant role in shaping public policy on diverse issues encompassing financial services, intellectual property, energy, tax and trade, transportation, and natural resources matters, among others.

All Smith-Free principals work for each client on an as-needed basis. Collectively, we maintain respectful, working relationships with Members of Congress, their staff and officials throughout the Executive Branch of the federal government.

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